Nowadays, most of the couples are facing a lot of complicated problems while finding time for sex. Due to the kids and hectic schedule, they don’t have a single minute for each other. If you are doing sex and your children will walks in then it would be an awkward moment for you. It has become a common problem for them. Therefore, you have to respond differently to the children’s or lock the door that can be beneficial for you.

Just in case, if a kid catches parents doing it, they should stop the sex.

It has become an awkward situation that looks like; someone is throwing old water in the waters. Hence, it would be better to cover the naked area with clothes and stop sex. Following are some things that you should, if you are child saw while doing the sex.

  • Inexperienced persons

If you are doing sex in the night and child walks in the room, it would be better to cover the naked body using certain clothes. One has to talk with a kid politely. You don’t have to explain anything to the children. Just in case, if he is asking from you about the situation then, one can say some private time together.

  • Is daytime sex reliable or not?

Most of the couples are doing sex in the daytime that isn’t great for them.

Just in case, the child walked in on during sex, they need to do a lot of things or cover a naked body with particular clothes. If he is asking about the whole situations, then create a distraction by giving an ice cream or some bucks to them.

You should ask about the homework and studies, and after that, he will surely forget about the situation.

  • Don’t explain anything

If kids saw parents having sex, they don’t explain the situation and keep them quite. It would be better to talk about such a situation the next day.

If they are 7 or 8 years children, don’t explain the situation and talk related to another topic. Make sure that you aren’t saying to them because it will create a negative effect on them.

  • Avoid such situation

In order to avoid such an awkward situation, one must do the following things and enjoy the sex with a partner:

  • You have to install the lock in a door and lock the door while doing the sex. It would be beneficial that is giving enough secure feeling to you.
  • If possible, one must give manners to kids like knocking is a fairly important thing before entering from someone’s room.
  • While doing sex, an individual must make the use of soft lighting and your child will not see anything in the room.

Moving further, if you want to prevent such awkward situation, installing a lock in the room would be beneficial because you will able to eliminate certain distractions or problems. Don’t play any music while doing sex because it will create a lot of issues.